Tuesday, June 24, 2014

20th Anniversary: Fredericksburg {Part II}

{Part I can be found here}.

On the second day, we attended the Texas VW Classic. Let me tell you, I was in Bug Heaven! I have always adored the VW Beetles and Buses. I have never seen so many bugs and buses in my life! I was overwhelmed! Below is only a small portion of the somewhat large event.

Bunches of Bugs (or Beetles)

I found Herbie! Ha!

Actually, he was one of a few at this event. You can see another Herbie to the left of this one. The old look is my favorite.


Cars, cars, and more cars! All VW classics.

More Bugs (or Beetles)

I believe this was one of my favorites at the event. Why?

Because I fell in love with the matching barbecue trailer!

More Buses!

We did not see very many of these VW buses or pickup hybrids. Very unique.

I had a blast exploring this event and even picked up a souvenir t-shirt. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.