Friday, June 6, 2014

Feline Friday {Snooze Fest}

I Grow Weary of this World.

Who Disturbs My Slumber?

She reminded me of this character in the Disney's movie, Aladdin: Who Disturbs My Slumber?

Ignore You. I Shall. I Will.

This poor girl seemed extraordinarily tired on this day. She walked out the back door, plodded down the sidewalk to the detached garage, and plopped herself down on the steps. After she had her snooze fest on the warm concrete, she wearily got up and plodded back indoors.

Chessie will turn 17 years old on June 26th. She does pretty good for her age. She has more good days than bad. She still climbs up the tree house practically every day to sleep. She will go exploring the property on her good days. And, she still desires to play with a moving toy. However, she does not take care of herself like she used to; so, we are having to step up these days and take care of the grooming issues for her. We think her hip dysplasia (which is hereditary in Maine Coons and an x-ray confirmed this condition years ago) along with arthritis is causing her to neglect grooming certain areas. She does have a problem area on her lower lip which we will get checked out once again. The girl will not be happy because we are also planning to get some bloodwork done to make sure she is still overall a healthy cat.