Friday, January 4, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#15)

Gratitude 12/28/2012

I did not take a picture on this day. When these two got on top of me, I was rather pleased because they rarely get together. So, I had Dan take a picture for me. I am grateful for this change. Something occurred while we were gone that made them a tad closer. They are not exactly buddies; but, they are sitting and lying beside one another more often. Also, I caught Chessie trying to bathe Gracie; but, Gracie would take off as she still doesn’t trust Chessie.

Texture 12/29/2012

Cough Drops for sore throat. ‘Nuff said.

Resolution 12/30/2012

This was my attempt at humor. I woke up unable to use my voice.

No Image 12/31/2012

I was not feeling too hot most of the day. I just did not feel like taking pictures much less celebrating the New Year.

Reflection 01/01/2013

This marks the end of the #IHeartFaces photo a day challenge. I will resume what I have always done until I find a new challenge I cannot resist.

No Image for 01/02/2013

I intentionally took the day off

Putting Fabrics Onto “Bolts” 01/03/2012

I am still not feeling great; so, this picture is meh. Anyway, I use the kitchen island to “bolt” my fabrics as I still do not have my cutting table (still in shop) and the second bedroom is still a disaster. I am happy to be at least touching fabrics. I have a feeling that I will not be resuming sewing until after the garage conversion is done. I am also praying that my cutting/sewing table is not lost.