Friday, January 18, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#17)

Ungraceful Gracie 1/11/2013

Gracie will often lie in the hallway just outside our bedroom. As many of you know, she is a tripod. She will use the wall as her fourth leg and bathe herself.

In Progress - Kitchen 1/12/2013

Putting up all that frog tape around the casings and baseboards was a pain-in-you-know-what. This is why we are going to paint the walls first in the living room, hallway and the bedrooms before putting up the casings and baseboards.

In Progress - Kitchen 1/13/2013

Finished the painting! The walls just need a little touch ups here and there. Painting the trim and putting them up is next. And then, we will be done with the kitchen (with the exception of the cabinets)!

No Image 1/14/2013

I got so busy and totally forgot to take a picture on this day.

Raggedy Ann 1/15/2013

I am not happy with this picture; but, it will have to do for the moment. I took this picture for two reasons. I took a picture of my Raggedy Ann for a family friend on facebook that made similar ones last year. I also wanted the rocking chair to show up; but, due to it being dark, you can barely see the rocking chair itself. Both items are my childhood things. I will have to do a post in the near future on them as I have pictures of me as a kid with these items.

Kitty Heaven {Chessie} 1/16/2013

Chessie was in pure kitty heaven when Dan devoted a little of his time to her. She absolutely loves Dan and he is her person which really disgusts me considering I was the one who chose her. (Dan picked Calvin who passed away in 2009; but, Calvin liked me best.) Anyway, I took a series of pictures of her with my Macro lens and will have to post some favorites in the future as it is rare that I am able to get pictures of this girl.

Raggedy Andy 1/17/2013

I took this picture for the same reasons I took a picture of my Raggedy Ann. By the way, what is Raggedy Andy doing with Kanga and Thumper? Where is Raggedy Ann? Shame on Andy! And, shame on Thumper for sitting on the table! Ha!

I do not have many stuffies; but, the few I have are sentimental. I have a hard time tossing them out to Goodwill or the trash. Kanga is actually my first birthday gift from Dan and she has a small kanga in her pouch. Thumper was given to me by a brother and sister-in-law when they came back from a trip to Florida. The table and chairs are also childhood furniture of mine and as well as the Raggedy Andy doll. I will have to do a future post on those two as I also have pictures of me as a kid with the furniture.