Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday (A Note)

It has been a long time since I have done a Wordy Wednesday. Life has been busy and I had a tough time adjusting to limited internet access. And, both of us dealt with sickness. I believe Dan caught the cold/flu from me and combine that with allergies, it brought him down. His immune system is fabulous and it is rare to see him so sick. In fact, he had to take a day off from work. He has not done that in years. I was shocked and worried about him; but, he recovered nicely.

Contented Lioness {Chessie} 11/1/2012

Anyway, now that the holidays are over, things have settled down and I am healthy once again, I am planning to gradually bring back my regular posts including the Macro Mondays. The macro pictures may or may not be recent. However, they will be pictures that I have not posted on my blog (or elsewhere).

You will probably see more pictures of the work being done on the house – especially in the “week of pictures” posts. We have been making steady progress with the house. Dan is doing a fabulous job on the casings and baseboards. He took a break last weekend to help me paint the kitchen. We had trouble finding the trim I picked out for the kitchen this past weekend and I was disappointed. However, Dan went looking at the Lowe’s near where he works last Monday and found them. I was absolutely thrilled! Once I get the trim painted and he puts them up, we will be done with the kitchen (with the exception of the cabinets which will be done as a last project).

I will be filling up the holes in the walls of the living room and the hallway left by previous owners in preparation for painting this weekend. We learned a valuable lesson from doing the kitchen – paint the walls first before putting up the new casings and baseboards. And yes, I have already chosen the paint color. We are making slow and steady progress with the little things. Sometime in the near future, we will get started on a major project – the garage conversion.

My sewing cabinet/cutting table is being returned to us and it is still NOT fixed. The shop could not find the materials. However, they said the manufacturer has the parts in spite of not making this particular model. The problem is that they are moving headquarters and will not be able to ship until May. We opted to have the furniture returned to us so that I can use it to bolt up my fabrics and free up the kitchen island. I may not be able to use it to sew; but, I can still use it to cut fabrics and wrap them onto “bolts”. Anyway, the movers will give us a check for the cost of the parts. Dan will order them and fix the cabinet himself when the parts come in.

I am looking forward to spring. There are a lot more life to photograph during the spring, summer, and fall. Winter has been rough so far. I am hoping that this spring will be beautiful due to receiving rain and having colder weather than usual.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a safe winter. I know that it snowed up North (Texas). There were reports of sleet near where we live; but, we have not seen evidence of any snow, ice, or sleet. It just has been colder than usual and I do not do well with the cold weather! But, I am surviving.