Friday, January 11, 2013

A Week in Pictures (#16)

Gloomy 1/4/2013

The gloomy weather and dormant tree fit my mood perfectly today while I was out with Gracie. The only signs of life is the little bit of green around the tree.

Trim 1/5/2013

We found some trim that I think will work for what I have in mind for the kitchen…

Beaded Garland 1/6/2013

Taking down the Christmas decorations…

Profile of Gracie 1/7/2013

This girl was acting very unusual all day long. She stuck to me like Velcro and she lay down on (or with) me four times forcing me to slow down. Yes, I spoil my cats. In looking back, I think she is a sensitive animal – she sensed that I was sick and was going to be very sick. This picture was captured while she was laying on Dad's Lazyboy curled up tightly between my legs. (I often sit with one leg over an arm of the chair). I think I had Dan get my camera for me; but, I got to say that sometimes it pays to have your camera nearby.

No Image 1/8/2013

I was extremely sick in the night and all day long. I rarely sleep during the day; but, I sure did on this day. Gracie was with me most of the time. When I got up around 11:00am to vegetate on the couch and watch TV, she appeared approximately 10 minutes later and “yelled” at me. That cat fussed and fussed and then ended up curled up beside me on the small sofa. It was just too funny the way she hunted me down and hollered at me. I mean, she was LOUD.

Sad Gracie 1/9/2013

I recovered from whatever I was sick with and she returned to her usual self. When I saw her on this box while resting on the sofa, it made me think she looked sad.

FYI: It took her approximately three or four weeks to become a normal cat around the Christmas tree. At first, she would not even go near the tree. About a week later, she cautiously went to the tree and sniffed the branches. A few days later, she decided it was safe to sleep under the tree. In the end, I witnessed her attacking an ornament. I mean, she wiggled her butt, took off and “hugged” an ornament with her lone paw to her chest and landed on her side biting and kicking the thing. I thank God it was just a plastic Hallmark ornament. But still, it shocked me. She also played with the branches. She even stood up on her hind legs and reached into the tree itself. I am going to have to put the beaded and fragile ornaments higher up the tree. Anyway, I thought she looked sad that the tree was put up. Ha!

Waiting for the Dough to Rise 1/10/2013

We normally have pizza on Tuesdays; but, I was very sick. So, we had pizza on this day instead. I am still using the island to wrap my fabrics onto “bolts”. It is slow going; but, I am making progress.