Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordy Wednesday:Cat's Eye View

This was a cat's eye view of the backyard shot on March 3rd, 2012, which was a very sunny day! If you roll your mouse over the image, you will see the same view shot on March 13, 2012, which was a very cloudy day!

I can imagine the cats thinking: "Whoa! We has backyard?" Ha! I have to confess that I was shocked upon looking out back seeing these weeds so tall. The rain certainly helped things sprout around here including unwanted plants/weeds.

Here is another viewpoint (shot on March 3rd), which is looking towards the house in the backyard.

Note: the boards were there to protect the glass when the weedeater is in use. When we lived in Houston, a rock shot out from the weed eater to the glass sliding door and shattered it into a kajillion tiny pieces. I have a picture of that somewhere buried in one of my archived folders. We ended up replacing the glass sliding door with french doors at that place. Anyway, we were not taking chances with this house as it is a rental.