Saturday, March 31, 2012

Link Roundup

  • DIY Mini Pallet Décor Crafts, Stenciling, Painting
    Cute Wall Art! Looks easy to do.

  • Monster Patch Tutorial Cute Patches for little boys (and girls) jeans.

  • DIY Garden Planter and Bird Bath DIY using terracotta pots, rebar and a “boob” light.

  • You Don’t Need My Tolerance
    I posted this link on facebook and I am reposting it here. It is a really good read. The excerpts below are not enough. Read the whole thing if you really want to get the gist of the whole article.
    But “tolerance” today means something totally different. Because “tolerating” each other is no longer enough. It’s not enough to “live and let live” or to mind your own business.
    What you have to understand is that “tolerance” doesn’t just mean “tolerating others.” Today, the convoluted, politically correct definition of “tolerance” really means “validation.” See, it’s not enough to merely tolerate someone’s habits, beliefs or lifestyle choices. To tolerate them really means you validate them. The cardinal sin you can commit today is to believe that your beliefs or choices are better than someone else’s.
    Guess what people…

    You don’t need my validation. I’m not your mother or your spouse. Stop being so co-dependent.

    No, I will not always validate your lifestyle or beliefs. Don’t worry about it though. You don’t need my permission to live your life however you want. It’s within your rights as a human to live and believe as you wish. And it’s within my rights to disagree with your choices. My acceptance of your choices or lack thereof in no way hinders your ability to make them. I’m not going to celebrate you, unless it’s your birthday. And I’m not waiting for you to throw me a party either.

    I love you. I think you’re made in God’s image.

    But I won’t always praise, validate, affirm, or celebrate you. Please affirm my right to make that choice. Stop accusing me of being intolerant, just because I disagree with you.

  • What We Hear Makes a Difference Christian
    We kept saying "S Corp" and they kept hearing "Escort" until finally we realized the misunderstanding and broke into giggles. Whew, what kind of daughter-in-law would encourage their son to set up an escort service? I don't think I would have gotten Christmas gifts this year.

    After we laughed so hard we cried, I thought about how what we hear versus what's actually being said matters a lot.

    "A friend says, "You look pretty today."

    And we hear, "You didn't look pretty the other days."

    Our husband innocently remarks, "Did you go shopping this afternoon?"

    And we hear, "You spend too much money."

    God says, "I'm calling you to be holy."

    And we hear, "You'll never be good enough for me."

    Truth and perception can be two totally different things. What can we do to have a hearing check?
    1) Ask - Simply say, "This is what I heard. Is that what you really said?"
    3) Focus - A lot of times we misunderstand because we're only half-listening. If something seems odd to you, stop and give it your full attention until you really figure it out.