Monday, March 12, 2012

Pictorial Monday: A Flying Flower

I had every intention of doing a Pictorial Monday last Monday. However, I got so busy over the prior weekend that I never found the time to compose a post let alone go through pictures.

While out in the back doing yard work on Saturday, March 3rd, I noticed some beautiful flying flowers (aka butterflies) fluttering about. I told Dan that I am dropping everything to take some pictures.

It is frustrating that I shot about a dozen pictures and this was the only decent one. This one is not perfect as the head is slightly blurry. The stubborn critter would not stay still for me and the breezes would not stop! Also, it did not help that the sunlight was harsh. However, all in all, I am happy with the result of this particular picture.

Red Admiral; Vanessa atalanta

These butterflies are quite common. Nonetheless, I find them very beautiful. I especially love the "eyes" found on the orange band at the bottom of the wings of this particular flying flower.

Bluebonnets have sprouted, butterflies fluttering about and trees showing green. I believe spring has arrived.