Monday, June 20, 2011

Pictorial Mondays

I don't have much for you all today. There is not a whole lot of exciting things happening around here for photographic opportunities.

On the evening of the same morning I got bitten by ants (June 2nd), I was out in the backyard with my camera just hunting for stuff to practice my picture taking when I looked up and got scared half to death.

This guy was eying me like I was dinner and he was HUGE! And, he was so dark. I attempted to get closer to get a better picture, he started to take off. But, he paused and posed for me.

By this time, he was beginning to lighten up color-wise. Once I got this picture, he took off. I wish that brown gadget thing with a screw was not behind his head. It would have be a great picture if that thing was not there. Oh well, live and learn.