Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Moments After Being Bitten by Ants

Last Thursday (June 2nd), I was outside walking looking for things to photograph. I had knelt on one leg taking pictures and did not realize my foot was in an ant pile. I had made sure that my knee was not going to be in anything before kneeling; but, silly me, I did not think about the foot.

After I was finished taking the pictures I wanted, I felt stinging on my lower right leg. I looked back at my leg and discovered hundreds of ants all over my lower leg and foot. It was all I could do to not panic and set the camera down before brushing them off. I had to take off my sneaker and sock because ants had crawled inside. As soon as I was sure they were all off me along with the sneaker and sock, I immediately went back home. Fortunately, it was not far.

I instant messaged Dan and facebooked about the incident. I also took a picture to send to Dan. He was shocked. My biggest worry was allergy reaction as I have never been bitten by that many ants at once. And, it hurt like the dickens.

Approximately Nine Hours Later

When everything calmed down, I counted a total of nineteen bites. Not all of them are pictured here. There were a total of eighteen on my lower right leg and an odd bite on the upper left leg. The things I do for my “art” and passion. Ha!

I thought I was fine; but, the next morning I woke up in pain. My leg felt tight and swollen and I discovered that the vast majority of the ant bites had turned into pus filled sores. Dan had to take care of them for me. I will have to keep an eye on any future bites from ants from now on because I sure did get an overdose of ant venom this time around.

Two Days After Being Bitten

I’m fine. I still have sores on the back of my legs; but, they are slowly disappearing.

Let this be a warning to you all. Don’t forget about your feet when kneeling to take pictures. I know I have learned my lesson from this experience. At least, I hope I did. Ha!