Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordy Wednesday {Spoiled}

I was needing something for Abby Gail to scratch while in my room. She was scratching my chairs. I try to discourage her; but, I cannot be mad at her for being a cat. I needed something else to offer her to use instead of the chairs. Dan said he would make another sisal triangle scratching post; but, I felt that we did not have the time to wait for something to be made. He had so many other projects he was working on and I really wanted him to focus on the house.

So, while at Petsmart recently, I looked at items that would suffice as a scratching post for Abby Gail. I could not find a single sturdy thing for her. Everything is so tiny and/or cheaply made. And, nothing was tall (long) enough. She likes to stand tall on her tippy toes and scratch. I ended up in the section where they sell the cat trees and spied one that I thought would suffice. And, it was cheap in price (on clearance).

The tree also would solve another problem. They fight over one windowsill when the room is opened in the morning. I think they knew that birds roosts underneath the roof of the patio and loved watching them as the sun rises.

As much as I hated the tree because it was so light and cheaply made, it did have three different types of surfaces that Abby Gail loves to scratch along with two perches. The sisal leg was tall (long) too. So, I thought it'd be perfect solution.

Gracie often uses the lower shelf and Abby Gail on the higher one. And, I am currently training Abby Gail to scratch this tree instead of the chairs. So far, it seems to be working out and they seem to be happier.

This makes THREE trees the cats own. There is a small one in our bedroom that matches the tall huge one in our living room (pictured here}. Those two were purchased years ago for our Maine Coon cats. They are heavy, sturdy and over 18 years old and still going strong. They were also very expensive purchases; but, well worth the cost.

And now, they have this cheap one in my room. The things I do for my cats. They are spoiled rotten little beasts.