Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Frugality: Houdini {The Great Escape}

We had a fund called "New Vehicle Fund" in which we would deposit money. We have been saving up for approximately five years. In fact, We were ready to buy a new vehicle over a year ago and the money just sat in the fund garnering interest. We just did not find the right vehicle for the right price. Keep in mind that I am cheap. And, patient. I refuse to buy anything that seems too high. In fact, I prefer to buy items below cost (or below the blue book value in this case).

We thought we were going to have to look in areas outside of San Antonio proper such as Houston, Round Rock and more due to the fact used vehicles in San Antonio are priced rather high. In fact, Houston is significantly cheaper than San Antonio. We just never took the time to travel and look at cars.

Something prompted me to do a search again recently and much to my surprise, two vehicles popped up on our radar with right price. One was black and the other ruby red. We took the time to see the ruby red one over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Why? because it had lower price with lower mileage. Plus, I liked the color. Ha!

We took it on a test drive and Dan checked out the insides. We were wondering out loud why the mileage was so low. We were informed that previous owner's wife died and it was determined that he should no longer drive. So...

Here's Houdini! {The Great Escape!}

This is a 2013 Ford Escape with 6700 miles on it (give or take a few miles since I rounded up the number). I named it Houdini because it represents freedom, a means of escape, for me. (I have been without a runabout for approximately five months.) By the way, this is the second time I named a vehicle. The first was "Blue Bomb" I used in the 1980s as a runabout at college. It was a 1964 blue Buick that ticked like a bomb all the time.

Anyway, Houdini is ours free and clear. Yes, we paid cash. No payments to make whatsoever. This is how we roll (for the most part). Debt free living rocks!

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  1. Very nice! Congratulations! You look good in it. It's a very good match, I'd say.


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