Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Thursday {Helping Paws}

Previous episodes are: {Waiting} and Leaning Piles of Fabrics. Between those two episodes, I went outside a couple of days to put fabrics onto "bolts" as the weather was lovely. I put down cardboard from moving boxes on our farm table to keep the fabrics clean. I also let the cats out to roam a bit.


Abby surprised me by joining me on the first day. She looks like she is getting big, does she not? She is! She is long and lanky. She jumped up on the table and tried to help me (playing); but, I would not let her as the pins were dangerous. She was happy to lie on my cutting mat and watch me in addition to the birds. (Bird feeders are hanging to the right of this picture).

I went back outside the next day and let the cats out again.


Gracie decided to join me this time. She was content to just lie there and loved my infrequent attention.

Here is a bonus picture for y'all. Gracie wanted to ham it up for all my readers. Ha!