Monday, March 17, 2014

Macro Monday {Wildflowers II}

I posted the first wildflowers sighted here. Those were part of the Phlox family of flowers which I neglected to mention in the original post. More of those flowers have sprouted and at certain times of the day, you can see the land covered with those beautiful pinkish purplish flowers against the brown ground.

I went out again on the 20th of February and sighted even more wildflowers popping up. For some reason, most of them were yellow. Yellow is a very popular color hereabouts. A neighbor has tons of yellow wildflowers growing on his land. I did spy one lone purplish wildflower on my outing.

Here are more beautiful wildflowers for you to enjoy. By the way, identification is listed below each picture. If there is no identification, I cannot recall the name at the moment or I do not know and are not listed in my wildflower books. I do not have the bandwidth to research these days.

An emerging Dandelion with a Bee Fly

Texas Toad-Flax

I am fairly certain this is part of the Figwort family. Exactly what, I am not sure.

Yellow Wood-Sorrel (Oxalis}

Yellow Wood-Sorrel (Oxalis}