Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordy Wednesday {My Mockingbird}

I have taken to calling this fellow "My Mockingbird" because he is so cheerful and friendly. He often lands on this stake which is used to mark the defunct electrical outlet that once went to a greenhouse. It is mostly to prevent me from running over it with the yard tractor. He loves to survey his kingdom from this spot not to mention hunt bugs.

Dan and I was outside with the cats a couple weekends ago when we noticed he was with a mate having some fun. We watched them laughing at their antics. We also watched Chessie slowly go all the way to the back of the land where they were located. I did not want to disturb the birds; but, I also did not want Chessie to escape our yard. She can no longer jump much; so, I was not worried for My Mockingbird. The female flew off to a nearby tree when Chessie got too close for comfort. But, My Mockingbird stood his ground on a fence post and just watched Chessie approach.

When Chessie got too close to the back fence, I slowly went retrieve her. Much to my (and Dan's) surprise, My Mockingbird let me approach. He just cocked his head observing me all the while keeping an eye on Chessie. He did do a little fussing about Chessie and I just talked calmly back at him. I could not have been more than six to eight feet away! It was so cool to see him up close. When I slowly bent down to pick Chessie up, he hopped/flew one fence post away. I guess he did not trust the cat! Ha!