Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordy Wednesday {Flooring Tip}

We have installed hardwood flooring three times. The first time was in north Houston years ago. The second time was in the main portion of this house. Now, we have finished installing flooring in the attached garage which is now the studio. (Pictures in another blog post coming soon.) It is no longer a garage. So, I need to stop calling it by that name and just call it "my room".

The one thing I dislike is wastage. In case you do not know, I am frugal. Sometimes, I am extreme in the frugal department. I just hate the thought of wasting good flooring and filling up the landfill. It makes me feel ill. I mean, it is like throwing away good money. Correct? After all, we paid good money for the boards.

These are some end pieces that Dan cut. We usually lay flooring down in one direction and most of the time, Dan must cut the last piece so that it would fit. Many people would just cut the ends of pieces of flooring and toss that which is not used. Not us. We reuse them.

In this case, the ends can be reused in the beginning of the next row to be laid down. When we did the main portion of this house, we often ended up using the cut off pieces to fill up a row of flooring. It all depends on which direction you lay down the boards.

By the way, This is not easy as I make it out to be. Decisions, decisions, decisions occur at this step. We have to make sure the seams are at least six inches apart. And, there must be at least two boards between seams that might line up. Yes, it might seem complicated; but, once you get into the rhythm, it is not all that hard to do.

All glued up. It is final! There is no going back! Ha!

Let me see if I can make this clearer as I fear using just pictures would not make sense to y'all. Sometimes, using graphics makes things a heck of a lot clearer.

Choose cut off pieces to use. Lay them down.