Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Today's picture is brought to you by...

Chessie and Gracie

Yes, yet another picture of the cats. Stop that groaning. I can almost hear you all groan. ha!

Amazingly enough, these two are getting along rather well these days. Occasionally, Chessie gets a brain fart and goes after Gracie like she is an enemy and must die. Gracie can defend herself rather well in spite of being a tripod; but, I would prefer that they do not get into spats since Chessie is almost twice the size of Gracie. I am afraid that she might actually hurt Gracie one of these days.

Chessie and Gracie were spying on the next door neighbor's cat on this particular day. It used to be a pampered indoor cat. Now, it is an outdoor cat and looking rather scruffy these days. I feel so sorry for the critter because it has been kicked out of the house. But, it is what it is.

Do you see that crate Chessie is sitting on? Well, I set that up for her because she does not fit well on the windowsill. She can now gaze out the window to her heart's content. I also set up another crate on the floor to make it easy for her to get up to where she is at in the picture. She's will be 15 this summer and it is getting difficult for her to jump up to where she wants to go. She is so spoiled that she has even taken over a step stool to get up on top of the safe (where she has a favorite bed).