Saturday, February 18, 2012

Link Roundup

  • Country Junktion February’s BOM Quilting; Free download {February only!}

  • Pincushion Tutorial Sewing (a tad)
    Uses cookie cutters.

  • Sundae’s Best Pincushion Tutorial
    This uses a pedestal ice cream sundae dish and is way too cute!

  • Tool Time Tuesday: Chicken Feeder for Sewing
    Pincushion in center and “storage” in outer holes. I think this is really neat! And, it sounds frugal!

  • Gardening with Chickens
    Note: I am following a few blogs about chickens because I would love to have chickens someday (along with bees). So, I’m learning what I can about chickens. I wonder if the book the blog author mentioned is any good. She also mentioned a giveaway the publisher is having. Yes, I entered. Ha!

  • 3 types of goals you need to murder today
    Actually, I’d encourage you to murder a few of your resolutions this month.


    Because goals you don’t really intend to meet become anchors.

    They become tall tangled weeds that grow up around the goals you actually care about.

    They become distractions and sources of guilt, and they’re just getting in the way.
    if you’ve got some fake goals squatting on your list, don’t be nice to them. Don’t let them tell you why you’ll maybe, eventually, really care about them or how they’re great goals.

    Kill them. Kill them now. Kill them with fire.

    Your time is too valuable to be spent pursuing something that doesn’t matter.