Saturday, February 4, 2012

Link Roundup

First of all, I’d want to tell you about a couple new sweepstakes I have come across.
  1. Recipe Kitchen: $25,000 Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes
  2. Better Homes & Gardens: Room Refresh Sweepstakes
I realize that these are not quilting or crafting related. But, we have resumed our house hunting. There is a possibility we may land a home soon and it would be lovely to win $25,000 towards a kitchen makeover because the house we are interested in definitely needs a brand new kitchen! And, the other sweepstakes ($5,000) would be cool to win because some of the rooms need updating/refreshing. Note: it is highly unlikely that we will land the house we are looking at as we have entered a bidding war for the property. At least, I am not getting my hopes up for the home.

Anyway, please check out the Giveaways Tab above for more details on the giveaway I just mentioned.

Moving on.

  • Pincushion Jar Tutorial Sewing (a tiny bit); Crafting
    Uses a short wide mouth jar – too cute!

  • Monster Hat Crochet Pattern Free; for toddlers and young children.

  • Linky Followers
    A new alternative to Google Friend Connect, which is being phased out because Google wants to force all bloggers to use Google+. Linky Followers is still in beta form. In other words, it is still undergoing testing and may possibly have bugs (problems). It is also still a diamond in the rough -- it needs shaping up which will most likely occur over time.