Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sporadic Postings from Hereon

This blog will have sporadic postings from hereon as we officially have a signed contract for a house! I want to thank those of you who commented wishing us luck in the house hunting. I really appreciated them!

Now, it is onto the inspections and more. We already have one lined up today for around 2:00pm. If anything major comes (other than the one we know about and investigated), we can still walk away. But honestly, I suspect the house is in pretty good shape -- I will be surprised if anything major does come up in the reports.

I am getting really excited; but, I am also trying to rein myself back because I do not wish to be disappointed should something come up and cause us to walk away from the house. It has been over two years since we first started house hunting. We have gotten disappointed several times. We also took breaks at the end of the years due to the busy holidays.

If this blog is silent, you know why. I will try not to neglect it much as I do love to write and blog.

I will be taking pictures sooner or later. If we should really get this house, there are four major projects we want or need to do to the house. I guess this means there will be new things to blog about if this comes through for us!

Anyway, thank you for your understanding as we hopefully enter this new phase of our lives.