Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Am I Working On?

Since my first hexies (hexagons) post, I have basted up a few hexies while away from home and a couple while here when I felt up to it (I've been sick). I only have 3-1/2 hexies left to baste and then I can sew them together to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden block.

I have also been trying to organize the space out in the entryway when I am feeling pretty good. This is an extension of the sewing room as the wall-sized closet inside the sewing room is used up for storage and is blocked by my design wall and a small sleeper sofa (for guests). Since it is part of a public space, I'm trying to keep it "neat". I purchased orange and teal fabric bins and reorganized the whole space. It is looking so much better! I need two more fabric bins. I think I am going to go with the natural color. I am also wanting a couple mini cubeicals to organize my messy miscellaneous craft supplies on top of the barrister cases. One thing at a time. I rather wait and get things on clearance and/or sale to minimize costs.

PS Ignore that bag at the bottom. That is Dan's bowling bag. He leaves it there because it is convenient. Speaking of which, he got a 611 series last night -- his first 600 series in this league. Isn't that great?!? He started bowling again this year after many years of NOT bowling. His team is composed of coworkers from the company he works for. Anyway, I think he's doing fabulous!