Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Small Update: A Journal of a Sorts III

First Update
Second Update

Since my last update, not much has happened. I have been gradually feeling better and regaining strength. My upper right abdomen will sometimes spasm or get twinges; but, I have not had any burning pain for several days now.

I went to the doctor yesterday (11/16). There is no diagnosis for what was causing the burning pain in my upper right abdomen. All we can do is treat the symptoms and continue with Prevacid (dissolvable form) for another three months. I am to see the doctor again in February to determine whether or not I need to continue taking medicine like Prevacid.

Apparently, the Schatzki mucosal ring at the GE junction, which he treated while I was under anesthesia in search of ulcers, can cause swallowing problems. He said it was very small. The way I understand it is: As food goes down, the ring causes food to come back up causing my esophagus to close up. Now that it's been treated, I can try to learn how to swallow pills. It'd be a miracle if I can do this! It may take time because there is a psychological factor involved after years of not being able to swallow chunks of things. Dan and I have talked and we decided to postpone this attempt until after Thanksgiving because we really don't need the stress right now.

So, that is it under a nutshell. No diagnosis. Treating the symptoms. Feeling lots better though! And, I am thanking God for Prevacid. :-)

This will be the last update until February. I am sure you all are glad of this! Ha!

{Thanksgiving in the states: November 24th.}