Friday, November 11, 2011

Link Roundup

  • Matchbook Sewing Kit Sewing; Tutorial
    This is really cool! I love those old fashioned matchebooks and this is perfect!

  • Hearing Your Name for the First Time Christian; Inspirational
    Over and over again, God pulls both brothers into his arms. Over and over again, he says you are mine.

    And that’s my hope for you and me.

    That, even in moments when our arms and are actions try to push God away, we will hear his voice say, “You are mine.”

    That, even in moments where it feels quiet or desperate or the world’s name for us weighs heavy, we will hear the father’s voice say, “You are mine.”

  • Who You Really Are Christian; Encouragement
    And who are you?

    You are loved.{psalm 103:11}

    You have a purpose.{philippians 1:6}

    You are not alone. {psalm 73:23}

    And you are stronger than you know.{philippians 4:13}