Monday, November 7, 2011

Update: A Journal of a Sorts II

First Update
  • Tuesday, Wednesday: Struggling; but, did much better with Prevacid, which is an expensive miracle drug. I was thankful for Talking Tuesdays chat as it helped take my mind off things.

  • Thursday: endoscopy procedure @8:40am

    I woke up early and started pacing the floor praying. Pacing seemed to calm me down some. Dan was amused with my pacing. We left earlier than planned and it was a good thing we did because traffic was heavy.

    When I walked into the place, I felt like I was walking into a factory for humans -- everything was so organized, sterile, and routine. They just gobbled up people and spit them right back out. Ha!

    Dan was with me for the whole time until I was knocked out. And, he was there while I was in recovery – exceptions were made on my behalf due to my deafness and extreme stress.

    I checked in and waited for a few. I was called and taken to a room and asked a bunch of questions. I was then taken upstairs to where a bunch of hospital beds were and was told to change. I was allowed to keep my jeans and socks on – I was thrilled with that! A man came in to establish an IV. I was so scared; but, I knew it had to be done. I told him that he might have trouble finding a vein and he reassured me that he would not have any trouble. It surprised me that he could establish one in my hand when I thought it would have to be in the arm.

    While he was doing that, two other people came in and started talking to me. I couldn’t handle it while the IV was being put in and I started to panic. I exclaimed, "I can’t handle this, I’m deaf!” Fortunately, Dan was there to take care of things and calm me down. Once the IV was in, they wheeled me to another room. The nurse then showed me I needed to bite on this weird gadget before going under as it would keep me from biting on the camera cord thingy. Another nurse set me up with a blood pressure cuff and a finger pulse thing. They had me lay on my side and then we waited. I was so scared the whole time.

    When it was time, it happened so fast! They shot me up with Demoral and I forget what else. I remember taking that weird gadget thing in my mouth and nurse tying the thing on. I was out like a light before she was even finished.

    I remember opening my eyes and immediately sought out my Dan. I remember seeing him walking towards me and feeling pleased and relieved. The next thing I knew, I “woke up” and was helped to sit up. Dan helped me change out of the stupid hospital gown and into my shirt. I was helped from the bed to a chair where I immediately got the hiccups. I thought that this was when I woke up; in reality I had been awake for 30 minutes.

    I found out much later that I was “awake” the whole time, talking, and taking sips of water. I do not remember anything! I don’t even remember the drive home until we reached a road close to home. Man, that anesthesia is bad stuff! LOL. Dan filled in the gaps for me. He even put on my sneakers and I don’t even remember how they got on my feet!

    Anyway, the findings are:
    • 2 cm sliding Type I hiatal hernia – nothing can be done except take Prevacid
    • Schatzki mucosal ring at the GE junction, treated with a therapeutic dilation using a 51F American Dilator over a Savory guidewire
    • Mild non-erosive gastritis in the antrum, biopsied
    • No ulcers were found
    The plan is to continue with Prevacid and have a follow up on November 16th. I still do not know what the cause of the burning/pain on the right side of my upper abdomen. I hope to find out someday soon.

  • Friday: My throat was so sore. It hurt to swallow. A migraine hit me later on in the morning. I do not know what triggered it. I suspect have been the anesthesia and/or stress from the day before. Tylenol didn’t help (I can take Tylenol). In fact, it made me feel sicker. I instant messaged Dan and I eventually caved and took one tablet of Excedrin at his suggestion. That cut the edge off. I really need to find a doctor to prescribe me some Migraine medication.

    I was really tired with all the ups and downs of whatever it is that I have. Migraines (or anything else) brings me further down tends to sadden me. I have so many things I want to do and I am frustrated because I do not have the strength to pursue them. I was feeling very sorry for myself and feeling completely useless when a whisper of a voice told me that I could pray during these times and be a prayer warrior. Hmmm. Even down and out, a body can still be useful.

  • Saturday: Throat still very sore; but, I was feeling better. At least, I didn’t suffer any headaches.

    I had a phone call with Mom. She actually called the night before; but, I was not up to talking. Dan called her back for me and talked with her. Anyway, she wanted to see me NOW and I felt so bad. But, there was nothing I could do. I live four hours away which is a BIG hindrance. Nonetheless, I’ve got to take care of myself first before I can do anything for others. I told Mom that I’d see her at Thanksgiving.

    She told me that a bag of her sugar free Jelly Belly were taken. I do not know if this is truth or not as she does tend to eat this or that and then forget that she ate it. Anyway, I told her that I’d go to CVS and pick up a couple bags of the sugar free Jelly Belly and mail them to her via Priority mail on Monday and that it should be there by Wednesday. She seemed happy with this.

  • Sunday: felt more like myself albeit weak. With Dan’s help, we made the following:
    • cloverleaf rolls, which turned out delicious! If we have the time and inclination, we would like to make these for Thanksgiving.
    • Homemade Tomato ketchup, which didn’t quite turn out. Dan did some research and we decided that it was the tomatoes used. In other words, we need to use different tomatoes.
    • Mini meatloaves, which turned out delicious! The “topping” was a little sweet for the both of us; so, we’re going to cut the brown sugar next time.
    Needless to say, I was exhausted when I went to bed!

  • Today: Third day of feeling pretty good. I met Dan for lunch at Wendy’s; but, I was only brave enough to eat a grilled chicken sandwich with nothing but the chicken and bread. I also mailed Mom her package.
My biggest worry is that the Prevacid is masking some problems. But, it’s a life saver for me. My upper abdomen on the right side is no longer experiencing burning pain. However, it does experiences twinges and spasms once in a while. The good thing is that I can eat. I am still losing weight; but, it has slowed down. Since this all began, I’ve lost 12 pounds. I still am not up to doing much including this blog. I want to get started with life again; but, I am forcing myself to slow down and take it one step at a time. To be honest, I just want to live in the sewing room for the rest of my life. Ha!