Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: A Capital Holday by Janet Dailey

Author: Janet Dailey
Publisher: Zebra Book; Kensington Publishing Corp.
Date Published: October 9, 2009
Category: fiction, romance


"All I Want for Christmas..."

Life in the White House means never having a moment to yourself. As the President's daughter and official hostess, Jocelyn Wakefield longs to escape the media circus that surrounds her every move for just one day. Impossible? Not with a wig, some very different clothes, a secret tunnel, and a grandmother with a butler, both of whom are willing accomplices...

But being anonymous in Washington, D.C. at Christmas time may turn out to be an impossible dream after all when she collides with political columnist Grady Tucker—a man who could publish her exploits in papers nationwide. But Jocelyn is about to discover that Grady is more than just a journalist looking for a story—and that the magic of love can never be disguised...

This book was recommended and loaned to me by one of my sister-in-laws last December. She said it was an excellent book for a curmudgeon or scrooge like me. I haven’t liked or enjoyed Christmas for some time. She said it was clean and simple.

I haven’t felt like reading a romance book until now. I just picked it up last week and read it in less than a day. My sister-in-law was right. This is a good read and an excellent book for me. It is a light and quick read. And yet, it was profound in many ways for me – made a person think about the holidays. It was also surprising for me that this book could also be considered “Christian” – that is just my opinion.

This book could be considered a modern day “Roman Holiday” crossed with “Miracle of 34th Street”. It has humor and was filled out with some good characters such as Joycelyn’s Grandmother and her “butler” and a mysterious person by the name of “Obediah”. Both help the main heroes out in the book. All are very likable characters. At least, I thought so.

I plan on picking up this book again just before the holidays to read it again. Yes, that means I’m not returning the book to my sister-in-law any time soon.

By the way, if you’re looking for a romance books that has steamy sexy scenes or full of romance, this is NOT the book for you. And, if you’re looking for a typical secular romance book or even a typical “Janet Dailey” book, this is NOT for you. However, if you're looking for a light on romance, clean, and quick read, this might be the book for you.

My personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars.