Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Mother

Surprising, Mother is doing rather well. She is getting stronger and I think, she’s happier because no one is pushing her to do this or that (she didn't like the therapists because of this). Anyway, Dan and I were rather surprised to see Mother get up under pretty much her own power Sunday night with just guidance of an assistant. She walked rather quickly too.

She has been walking pretty much all week. She now walks from her room and down the hallway. I’m not very good with estimating distances. But, I walked the length she’s walking estimating the feet and came up with 45 feet. So, it’s between 40 to 50 feet. She walks a tad more on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because she is encouraged to walk from the bed to the shower. This is a LOT more than she has been doing when I left over two weeks ago.

She still has a long way to go if she is ever to return home. She has to be able to sit up (which she is currently unable to do on her own), get up and walk for a bit so that she can use the bathroom if she needs to, get some eats, etc., & etc.

From what I am witnessing, there is still hope she'll return home. It’s just going to take her a little longer than usual. Thinking back on Mother and her personality, she’s not the one to be pushed. And, it seems to me that she was always was slow in recovering from major injuries simply because she does not push herself once she gets tired, feeling sick, or in pain. However, I think she has been pushing herself just a little bit. And, I think she is getting over her fear of falling, which is awesome.

She did mention several times she wants to go home. So, that desire is still alive within her and hopefully, driving her.