Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knife Obsession

I mentioned that we got a few things from a Cutco booth / vendor at the Poteet Strawberry Festival in a previous post. Well, they came in recently and I'm absolutely happy with them. And, they complete the collection of knives and accessories that I wanted.

Red Super Shears, Traditional Cheese Knife, Petite Santoku Knife

I finally have some kitchen shears. I've been wanting some for eons! I've been making do with knives and whatnot when a perfectly good pair of shears could do the job easier. I wanted the color red just to be selfish. It's mine! Hopefully, my man will not borrow nor steal them for any purpose other than the kitchen. I am hoping that by having the color red, it will deter him from using them because it's such a "girly" color. Ha!

Actually, I'm kidding. I really wanted red handled shears just to be different.

A reminder: we received the cheese knife free for purchasing the shears and Santoku knife.

Here is most of the Cutco knives and accessories that we own. Besides the ones we recently purchased, we have a (from left to right) vegetable peeler, pizza cutter, two trimmers, boning knife, slicer (bread knife), spatula spreader, petite chef's knife, and table knives.

Only one table knife is shown. We have eight total and we received at least three of them free over the course of our history of buying Cutco knives. I also know that one of those trimmers was also free.

The boning knife is missing the tip. But, it's still a good knife. And, I plan on getting it replaced someday. We did misuse the knife trying to hack some frozen hamburger meat back in our early stupid days. I have since wised up. I now divvy up the meat in portion sizes and then freeze them.

Cutco has a "forever replacement service agreement for misuse or abuse" on their knives. Basically, they'll replace a knife at half the current retail price plus shipping, handling and tax. One of these days, I'll send it to Cutco with an explanatory note to get it replaced. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Some of these items are used for multiple purposes. For example, the spatula spreader is also used as a "slice and serve" for cakes, brownies and more. So, I don't need nor want a separate "slice and serve" item.

I keep the knives in this wooden knife block that my man purchased for me eons ago. They all fit beautifully.

And, that wooden block is stored in a drawer in the kitchen island.

Please excuse the mess to the left. I never got around to getting silverware organizers. I didn't want to spend any money on organizer stuff until we got a house of our own. Of course, I didn't think we'd be here for two years either.

Anyway, that block is in a perfect, safe, and out-of-the-way place. I am hoping that whenever we get a house of our own, we will have similar drawers. In fact, I'm hoping that we'll have a similar kitchen. I absolutely love having all the roomy cabinets and drawers not to mention a kitchen island.