Thursday, April 8, 2010

"I am Loved" Bracelet

I meant to post this eons ago. But, life has a funny way of messing with your plans. And, I had many plans. They were just postponed. I've been gone for quite some time without feeling like doing much of anything.

Anyway, I found these pictures about the "I am Love" bracelet and just had to post.

Way back in January, Dan received this via mail. It was for a free pearl bracelet from Helzberg Diamonds as a Valentine's Day promotion – no purchase necessary. I told Dan we have to go check it out. I figured it'd be an el cheapo bracelet. But, who cared! It was a free! And, I must confess that I'm a freebie addict.

So, we went to the store the following Sunday (Jan 31st) to check it out. This was the same day that I received a text from my brother saying Mom fell and was in the hospital. This was the beginning of putting my plans on hold for this blog. I ended up going home to Mother's several days after I received word about her. Talk about a mixed bag of memories.


This bracelet turned out to be rather nice! I was amazed and pleased with it. The pearls not perfectly round, which I like. And, guess how much this bracelet was selling for?

Can't you see it? It's that first number circled -- $50.00. That was an absolute shocker! And, we managed to get it for free! I was absolutely thrilled.

I know "I am Loved" – loved by God... And, by my Dan... a very nice thing to have, to wear, and to remind me of that fact from time to time.