Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Update (Mother)

It’s been a really strange and uplifting week. First, on Sunday, Mother looked at Dan and said “I’m going to get out of here”. That was a shocker because she hadn’t said anything like that in a very long time.

Second, she started to look better Monday morning. Her last dosage of antibiotics was on Sunday. So, it could be that her antibiotics were making her feel ill also. She continued to act more like herself and look healthier throughout the week.

I was all worried and stressed out because I didn’t know how she would handle my slow withdrawal. Surprisingly, she hasn’t said much about my “disappearances” until Wednesday. At first, I showed up early like always because she’s been sick. But, I sighed with relief on Tuesday upon seeing her doing wonderfully. So, I started showing up later in the morning and leaving just before noon. I went shopping Monday and Tuesday while she had therapy.

When I figured that Mom would be fine, I decided to come home (to her house) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for lunch and to do stuff around the house. I started scanning in slides once again. I also washed her quilt and some of her towels on Thursday. I cleaned out her van on Friday.

My Mother started getting needy Wednesday night and was very much so on Thursday. That worried me. I prayed that she wasn’t getting sick again or something else. She wanted me to stay with her the night. I cannot stay with her and she knows that. And on Friday, she was very much impatient with herself. She said that “she’s never going to get out of here” and “I’m going to die in here”. I had to reassure her and that she must be patient with herself and continue to do well in physical therapy.

My brother is getting the reports from the physical therapists. He’s not much of a communicator (typical man); but, he sent me messages almost every day saying that the therapists were pleased and / or she did well. On Wednesday, he texted me that therapy is going to be extended next week. Yay! We are so pleased and happy.

I’ve been thinking about what could have caused her turnaround in attitude as she now desires to get out of that place once again. It could be that she’s finally feeling better and more like herself. It could be because she knows that I will not be there after Sunday. It could be due to receiving some blessed news – her youngest granddaughter, who is also my niece AND goddaughter, is expecting her first baby. I can hardly wait!

Who knows what the reason is. All that matters is that she’s made a 100% about face and is doing awesome.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to go home tomorrow (Sunday). I’m both excited and scared. I’m excited to return home with Dan. I’m wondering if my cats will remember me. I miss them so much. But, at the same time, I’m worried about Mother. However, she has my brother and his family nearby. If she would just swallow her pride and call him whenever she needs to, she’ll be fine. I pray that she remains healthy. I pray that she continues to do well in therapy.

I do plan on returning home in two weeks. I will return home sooner than that if I’m needed. In the meantime, I’ll take it one day at a time, one week at a time.