Friday, February 20, 2015

Feathered Friday

Cardinal; 1/20/2015

House Finch; 1/21/2015

And yes, that platform feeder is hanging crooked.

A Pair of Loggerhead Shrikes; 1/25/2015

I was outside one day and noticed a bird that looked like a Mockingbird; but, something about the bird puzzled me. I looked through my binoculars and knew immediately that it most likely was not a Mockingbird. When I spied it again while Dan was home, I made him take a look and sure enough, after some research through his phone, Dan discovered it was a Loggerhead Shrike. When our nephew and niece-in-law, who are also birding enthusiasts, came to visit, they confirmed what we had concluded.

Nowadays, when I spy the elusive bird, I immediately know it for what it is. I am unable to explain it; they just have a different behavioral aspect or whatnot that distinguishes them from the Mockingbirds and it only takes a look through the binoculars to confirm my identification.

Meadowlark; 1/27/2015

Note: There are two species of Meadowlarks: Eastern and Western. We are unable to determine which species this (and the others) is. The only way is through their song and I am deaf.