Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordy Wednesday {Tractor}

Our New Tractor

Yes, it is called a tractor even though it does not look like one. It's a riding mower with the ability to haul things if needed. This new baby was delivered yesterday. Dan and I will be playing around with this new toy this coming weekend (in addition to moving more stuff over to the house if the weather permits).

We shopped and shopped looking for just the right one for me to use at a decent price. I really wanted a John Deere; but, they have outrageous prices. We decided on this one quite some time ago; but, waited for a sale or clearance. We got this on what I call a 'double sale'. It was on sale and by using the Sears Mastercard, we got an additional 5% off. Did I mentioned that we got free delivery? Yes, free delivery too!

I am violating the anti-debt rules by using a credit card and doing the 'pay it off in six months with no interest and finance charges' plan. I felt that at this time in our lives, it would be better to spread the cost over five months even though we had the funds to pay it off immediately. In these kind of situations, I always pay the debt off well ahead of time. In the case, it will be five months instead of the standard six.

I just love the red, don't you? Actually, it was the most comfortable riding mower I sat on. That, along with the price, was the deciding factors.