Monday, September 3, 2012

Macro Monday {Another Spider}

There has been many times when I use my macro lens as an identification tool for both insects and arachnids. Most people think spiders are insects; but, they are not. I am one of those lazy people who will refer insects, arachnids and other living creatures as "critters".

Spiders (arachnids) have eight legs whereas insects has three pairs of jointed legs. Spiders have soft bodies whereas insects tend to have hard bodies (exoskeletons). Spiders tend to have only two body parts whereas insects tend to have three body parts.

Did you know that spiders belong to the class that also includes scorpions, ticks and mites? All I can do is shudder whenever I think of this. Ha!

Anyway, like I mentioned before, I will often use my macro lens as an identification tool. On the same weekend I sighted a Black Widow spider, I spied a very tiny spider that reminded me of the widows. It was brown. There was no way I could identify it with my bare eyes. So, I grabbed my camera and macro lens and shot a few pictures. At times like this, I really don't concentrate on taking really good pictures. I just focus on "good enough" to identify the critter(s).

I went inside after I was done taking pictures and proceeded to check on Dan (who was custom cutting flooring in the closet). He asked me what I was up to? I replied with "having fun!" I glanced down at my camera and proceeded to zoom in on one of the pictures I took.
When I spied the hourglass, I immediately exclaimed "oh my God!" I then showed the picture to Dan. Both of us were flabbergasted. I knew it was a widow of some kind; but, it didn't have the "orange" hourglass of brown widows. Nonetheless, we proceeded to kill it out of extreme caution.

{To see a slightly larger picture, go here.}

Here is a side view of the spider which you can see some of the top abdomen. It reminded me of the brown widows; but, I was not 100% sure. So, when I arrived home, I did some research. I am inclined to believe that it's either a male Western Black Widow spider {Another identification link here} or a male Brown Widow spider {another identification link here}. It is really hard to tell without seeing more of the upper abdomen. Nonetheless, this spider will no longer be making babies around the house.

Dang, our lives are getting mighty interesting around here. I am not so sure if I can handle the excitement. Ha!

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