Friday, September 14, 2012

A Weekend in Pictures

We went to the Dallas area last weekend (September 8-9) to attend a grand-niece's first birthday party. The entire weekend was rather lovely! I do so enjoy watching the kids and visiting with family and friends. There was a baseball practice, soccer game, birthday party and a brunch gathering.

It was hard to narrow the pictures down so that this post is not so heavy laden. I did not succeed so well. Anyway, below are some of my favorites shots I took. Keep in mind that these are snapshots. So, do not be expecting perfection. Also, the pictures shown have been resized to fit the blog; so, they are not as great as seeing the full-sized version. Enjoy!

(By the way, Dan will be posting his pictures on his blog soon. I will nag him until he does.)

The Birthday Girl

All the Toddlers Loved this Toy

Pure Joy

These two boys are cousins. They play well together, don't they?

These three are all cousins to one another

The following is a series of pictures of a lovely little girl that I just had to post.

And, last of all, this is my absolute favorite! I'm absolutely floored.

{To see the larger picture, go here.}

Oh how I wish I had captured the birthday girl like this! Maybe some day.

Remember, Dan will be posting his pictures on his blog soon.