Saturday, September 8, 2012

Link Roundup

It has been a long time since I have managed to do a Link Roundup. I thought I better do this one before the links get overwhelming. Enjoy!

  • Great Granny Pincushion Tutorial Sewing

  • Candy Roll Pincushion tutorial Sewing

  • Sewing Machine Pincushion Tutorial; Removable

  • Scrumptious Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial

  • Purse Camera Bag Tutorial Sewing
    This is cute! Not sure if I make one (due to zipper).

  • Cloth Napkins Tutorial; Sewing; Cute!
    Tip I’ve heard: Don’t use dryer sheets as they will cause some water/liquid resistance.

  • An Upcycling Project for Denim Pockets Sewing; Patched Pocket Panels

  • Watercolor Art Tutorial
    This is easy! And, cute! Even kids can do this! I’m going to give it a try someday soon and pretend I’m an artist!

  • Glue Stick Crayons Repurposing; Reusing

  • Mason Jar Solar Lights DIY

  • Free Printable Christian; Inspirational

  • Why you can’t “get over it” right away Christian; Inspirational
    It’s not about getting over it…it’s about getting through it.

  • When You Want to Run Christian; Inspirational
    Be still
    B ehold the beauty of where you are right now
    E xpect change ~ when it’s His timing

    S upport your husband, children, family, friends ~ it will take your mind off yourself
    T ake time to enjoy now ~ it will be gone too soon
    I magine what good you can do ~ today
    L ove God ~ know that He’s got your back
    L ive and laugh and love ~ the glass is full

  • Why People Think Christians are Fake Christian; Inspirational
    A very good read that is often all too true
    For years, I listened to the version Jadon Lavik did. My favorite verse, the one I found most encouraging, when things felt the darkest in my spiritual walk, was this one:
    Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
    prone to leave the God I love;
    here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
    seal it for thy courts above.
    So what verse was the worship leader changing?
    That one.
    His argument? He wasn’t “prone to wander or prone to leave.”
    At this point in the conversation, I realized he was not like me.
    Or Peter.
    Or David.
    Or “That’s not my wife, that’s my sister!” Abraham.
    He was changing the lyrics to something like, “Prone to worship, prone to praise.