Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today I am...

::loving:: this old Pepsi crate that will be used for multiple purposes throughout the year including an advent calendar. We are planning to make “drawers” {boxes} out of thin pieces of Luan.

::tickled:: to see Gracie rolling around in a sunbeam pleased with herself for chasing off an old orange male cat snoozing in the sun on a mat in front of the glass sliding door to the back yard. {It took several meows; but, the orange male cat finally got up in a huff and walked away and Gracie had the gall to try to attack him through the glass.}

::having:: a bad case of “don’t wannas”

::melancholic:: due to this time of the year which tend to make me more introspective than usual

::wishing:: life was different for Mother

::missing:: loved ones gone from this earth

::thinking:: of my niece and Goddaughter whose own tiny daughter underwent minor surgery this morning -- I can only imagine the worry and concern she went through

::glad:: that the tiny little one made it through surgery with flying colors

::attempting:: to get into the Holiday spirit and ::failing:: miserably

::gearing up:: to start a major cleaning out and purge of the office

::hoping:: to have accomplished tons in that room

::planning:: on having baked taters for dinner

::determined:: to beat a boss called Scaldera in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword tonight after experiencing utter failure last night