Thursday, July 28, 2011

Painted Toenails

I decided to paint my toes way back in March. So, I grabbed a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish I had on hand and proceeded to paint one of my big toenails. I did such a bad job that I abandoned my efforts. However, I left the one toenail painted because I was too lazy to remove the polish.

I showed off the lone painted toe to Dan when he got home and he was amused. He asked why I did that and I said that I wanted my toenails painted; but, I did not do a good job. He said that it did not matter if I did a bad job or not as no one will see them. He was right because at the time, I was going outside without shoes on (it was still early in the year to wear sandals).

So, I cleaned up the mess I made with polish remover. I then grabbed the nail polish to try again. Dan gently took it from my hand. I was surprised; but, I did not argue. He shook the bottle while I placed my foot in his lap. He then proceeded to paint my toes for me.


This made me feel so special and I was so tickled with my painted toes. It is amazing what pretty painted toenails can do to a girl’s psyche. I felt silly and, at the same time, pretty. The color name was appropriate because I certainly had a crush on my toes. I told Dan I would pay him a dollar if he would paint them from now on. He just smiled.

About three weeks later, my painted toes were looking shabby. So, I reluctantly removed the nail polish. I then grabbed another color of polish and handed it to Dan. He smiled, shook the bottle and applied the paint to my toes.

Pacific Blue

Once again, I was so tickled with my painted toes. And, it was just in time for our anniversary getaway. I loved this color.

Approximately three weeks later, the pattern repeated. I removed the polish and Dan painted my toes once again.

Deep Purple

My favorite color! I have worn this color twice so far.

Bubblegum Pink

I was not a big fan of this color; but, I was still tickled to see my toes painted. I stopped taking pictures of my feet after this one. But, I since worn three more colors: Emerald City, Cherry Red andThe Real Teal. I was surprised that I loved Cherry Red and was not big on The Real Teal.

When I last removed my nail polish, I thought about going with naked toes as I had gone through all the colors I had on hand. However, I did not like my naked toes. I actually could not stand them. So, I let Dan pick out the color and he chose purple. I am tempted to go out and buy a few more colors. Maybe Black Out? Or Wet Cement? or Mellow Yellow? I am not sure what color(s) I will choose; but, I certainly will have fun.