Friday, July 15, 2011

Link Roundup

It has been awhile since I posted. At first, I was busy packing, seeing and visiting family, unpacking, packing, seeing and visiting family, and I finally returned home to unpack. All this in a course of two weeks. And then, I got into some serious "spring cleaning". I mean, one of those serious cleaning times where you clean, clean, clean, reorganize, Goodwill and set aside things to try to sell off.

In the midst of all this, I lost my muse. I am too busy to be inspired in the way of crafting, sewing, photography, or even blogging. I had every intention of returning to blogging; but, I just was not in the mood. However, I am hoping that once I get everything cleaned up and thrown out, I'll be inspired to write once again. After all, I have a new "baby" in the house! That is one of the reasons for the cleaning, reorganizing, and whatnot.

Anyway, I accumulated some good links to share. Yes, I often go online whenever I have free wi-fi while traveling and during my breaks from cleaning. I thought I better share the list with you all before it gets overwhelming. I do hope you find a couple links out of the list you like. Enjoy.

[Just a friendly reminder: The 'Winning Love' items are items that I have won and received.]

  1. Rachel Griffith’s Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Bundles from the Fat Quarter Shop

    This picture does not do the fabrics justice. They are a gorgeous medley of fabrics. I immediately started drooling over them when they were in my hands. I have no idea what I will do with them. In the meantime, I will just fondle and drool. Ha!

  • How to Make Friendship Bracelets Crafts (two different styles)
    I have always loved these things

  • Car Organizers with Tutorials Sewing; Crafting; DIY; etc. & etc.
    A blogger listed links to tutorials on making a variety of car organizers.

  • Washer Bracelet Crafts; Jewelry

  • Countdown to Christmas Crafting; Sewing; Avent Calendar type

  • Paper Starburst [tutorial] Crafting
    I thought this was pretty neat.

  • Paper Plate Frisbees Craft; for Kids

  • Versa Skirt/Dress Tutorial Sewing

  • Otter Pop Sleeves Crafting; Kids
    Darn cute and clever, and it looks easy that even older kids can help.

  • Mini Design Board Tutorial: Part I Crafting
    Really cute to use for arranging and making small quilt blocks.

  • DIY Easy Friendship Bracelet Tutorial
    Apparently, younger children can do these due to use of canvas cord instead of embroidery thread.

  • Sugar cookie Bowls Baking; Cooking

  • Paralyzed by Perfectionism Christian; Inspirational
    If I wait until it’s perfect, until I’m perfect, I will never move.
  • A Perspective Bomb Christian; Inspirational

  • Don’t Know Where to Start? It’s Time to Draw Some Monsters Inspirational? Where the Wild Things Are
    ...The only question is, when it comes to chasing your dream:

    Are you ready to draw some monsters?
  • A Thousand Times Over Christian; Inspirational
    This could have been me. In fact, it is me in so many ways:
    When we shield others from the full weight of who we are, we rob them of the chance to love us.

    This fear that runs in my veins, I've been mulling it over since that day across the mountains when I realized where this fear would take me. And I see it now, how I've spent a whole life believing that it's my job to protect the world from all of me. From my pain and all the broken places. From my thoughts and my hopes and all the million things that make me who I am.

    Because being a burden to people means they'll get tired of carrying me. And when they do, they'll leave me on the side of the road for someone else to find. But I learned it young that maybe I wouldn't have to be left if I just carried all this weight alone.