Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Recap #3

Quilting, Crafts

  • I have been hand quilting Dan's quilt sporadically. I am still struggling with sickness; but, I am doing what I can when I am feeling somewhat okay. It made me happy to be able to do what I could which was a lot in my book. I am struggling with Abby Gail whenever I try to quilt; but, she is learning to wait until I am done and put the quilt away before getting on top of me.
  • I have been wanting to make a Gypsy Wife Quilt for quite some time now. I even bought the booklet (much cheaper than what the price is now) and have chosen some fabrics. One of the bloggers I follow, Splish Splash Stash: hydeeann plus a needle and thread, is co-hosting a Gypsy Wife Quilt Along with her friend who also blogs. This quilt along (QAL) begins in March and I am seriously thinking about joining!

    splish splash stash

  • I went to Habitat for Humanity Restore store for a specific purpose. I was looking for doors, including bi-fold, that I could use to hide a litter box from guests. This trip was very successful. I found a bi-fold door for $9.95. I also found a solid wooden door for $5.00.

    Anyway, I plan to sand down and paint the bi-fold doors and replace the handle. I also plan to make a couple of "feet" to make the doors more stable. And yes, the bi-fold doors are upside down; but, I like it best that way. Ha!

    Note: I purchased the solid one in case the bi-fold one did not work. Dan stole the solid door to re-purpose into a workshop table.


  • The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls happens to be one of the best memoirs I have read in a very long time. I gave this book four stars (out of five) on Goodreads. It is a heartrending book about the author and three other siblings who was raised in an unconventional environment along with the fact their father was an brilliant alcoholic and gambler and their mother was a brilliant artist and a dingbat (my words). Three of the siblings became prosperous while their parents chose homelessness.

Happiest Moment

  • Abby Gail came to me as usual one morning wanting attention while I surf the 'net. She was not only laying on my arm; but, she also adjusted herself where she was belly up with hind legs spayed along with a roaring motor. A first for this spoilt little brat.

    By the way, She is still a chest (not lap) kitty. I hold her in my left arm and she usually rests her head on my right shoulder. This can leave my arm aching. But, at least, I can claim it (the arm) is strong. Ha!


  • I "Shined my Sink" aka Flylady. I mean, deep cleaned the kitchen sink! It made me happy to be doing this again. I now keep it clean daily. However, I encountered a problem when I started this task. I apparently lost the sink plug for the garbage disposal side of the sink! Dan got me new one from a trip he made to Lowe's and I finished this task the next day. So, it took me two days to do this one little task! Ha!


Closets become land of forgotten things.

{A random thought that came to me while doing chores one day. I am sure others have thought of it before; but, it was unique to me! }