Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekly Recap #2


  • My oldest niece posted on facebook a picture of Lance gluten free sandwich crackers and said "Take my money please!". Everyone, more or less, in the comments said Target had them. Well, Target was too far away for me to go looking. So, I went looking on Amazon. I found and ordered some of the sandwich crackers. My. people. were. NOT. kidding! These are delicious and I wanted to cry because they do not sell crackers only. But hey, I now have some delicious snacks to snack on. So, I am passing the word on about these excellent sandwich crackers that are also gluten free.


  • I started and finished Curse of the Bane (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #2) . I gave it 4 (out of 5) stars on Goodreads. Surprisingly, I felt that this was a much better read than the first one in the series. In spite of this, I will not be getting nor reading any more books in this series. I have way too many books on the shelves that I have not read yet and would rather read. Ha!

DIY, Quilting, Crafts

  • Finished making t-shirt wall art. The above picture is a sneak peek and I plan to blog a DIY (how-to) soon due to the fact a friend asked me too once she learned I was making some for the guest room.

  • I discovered that I did not have enough batting to completely sandwich a quilt. Dan suggested that I get a roll (bolt) of batting to use on the "longarm" frame. So, I went shopping online and found Jo-Ann was having a 50% off sale on batting online only. I nearly had a heart attack discovering the regular price for a bolt of batting. 50% off helps out so much! Even then, I had to ask Dan because I do not think he was expecting it to be so much money. I ended up purchasing a bolt and am now anxiously waiting for it to be delivered at our house.

  • Finished putting fabrics on "bolts" I purchased during our vacation. They are now residing on the fabric shelves in my room. That reminds me, I need to do a tour of my studio and blog it. But first, I need to tidy it up a bit and I have the perfect reason to do the next couple of weeks. Guests are coming to stay the last weekend of January and at least one will be sleeping in my room.

  • Started a tangle challenge, It's a String Thing #127. The deadline is not a hard and fast rule for me. I tangle when I feel the need to tangle and calm myself (Axiety and worry is a problem of mine). I have been practicing Puchong and am ready to draw it on the string.


  • We attended a Pet Adoption Event in a nearby city that waived adoption fees. If we adopted a pet, which we did not, we would have left a donation. There was only one dog appealed to my heart and he was a very calm puppy among a bunch of them. He just sat patiently gazing at us both while the rest were scrambling about and over one another, yipping and whatnot. But, the puppy would have been too much for me (us} and he most likely would have an easier time finding a home than the older ones. We are wanting a young dog but not a puppy either. So, we will continue looking.
Yeah, I need to unstickify it.

(I said this in response to Dan not liking the residue left behind by a label on a jar).