Monday, December 28, 2015

Macro Monday {Bagworm}

I was sitting outside (early in October) watching my cats when I spied something unusual in one of our Crepe Myrtle trees. I squinted and eventually got up to get a closer look and discovered this pest.


I could not believe my eyes! Where in the world did this one come from?

I had to check out all my Crepe Myrtle trees and other plants and discovered a dead one out front. I took pictures and then cut the tiny branch this Bagworm was clinging onto. If I had a burn pile, I would have tossed it into the pile and set the pile afire. These critters can be insidious and prolific eventually killing trees and plants. I think the only thing around here keeping them in check are the variety of wasps we have around here -- especially the Blue (Spider) Wasps.