Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: {Dan's} Ugly Busted Toe

I was in the bathroom when I heard / felt a noise like something falling in the bedroom. I did not think much of it because no other sound came with the noise. When I came out, I discovered Dan somewhat curled up on the bed holding his foot. I immediately got concerned as I did not know what happened. He busted his toe while playing a game of "chase" with Abby Gail. I have to say the guy was extremely stoic when his banged his toe. I would have been yelling, screaming, hollering and crying....

Anyway, the game of "chase" usually involves me telling Abby that I am going to get her. She almost always gets excited with tail held high and starts running when I start going after her. She still has not gotten the clue to turn around and chase after me. However, she does turn around and playfully "tags" me on the foot most of the time.

By the way, this was a game I played as a child with my rotten yellow cat and he had it down to a T. We would chase one another for several laps before both of us would get tired and flop on the floor. Abby is the first cat that took to this game somewhat since the rotten yellow cat of my youth. All the other cats exhibited no interest in this game.

So, Dan apparently decided to give "chase" a try this past Sunday (November 13, 2105) and ran smack dab into a leftover piece of board in the bedroom from our remodeling efforts.

{November 14, 2015}

Needless to say, I do not think he will be playing "chase" again in the near future.

It does look a tad worse on this morning. It is dark all around including the bottom of the toe; but, the wound is healing nicely. (I am still helping him wrap up the toe with a bandage in the mornings.) I think the worst of it is over and it is just the healing process now.