Friday, March 6, 2015

Foul Friday {Pepe Le Pew}

It was a cold (38* F) gloomy rainy day (February 28, 2015) and we were having issues with our A/C and Heater for my room. It just would not work. And, we also were also trying to figure out where a musty smell was coming from in my room. It smells like my Grandmother's basement (dirt floor) in Maine and brought back memories for me.

I think the fact that my room was a garage in previous life along with the fact that it has been cold and wet (rainy) for days on end contributed to the smell. We are going to invest in a few things including an humidifier.

Anyway, Dan went outside to investigate and I was behind him. I looked up and immediately was in shock upon seeing a rare sight. I yelled at Dan to come back inside because Pepe Le Pew was only about 30 feet away from our back door. For real!

Taking pictures of the critter was not easy because of the constant movement along with the fact that it was gloomy, rainy and I was extremely nervous. But, I managed to get three decent pictures out of the kajillion I shot. I would estimate that the critter was about 20 feet away when I took the last picture above.

I let the cats out the next day after making sure no critters were out there. Pepe Le Pew made another appearance from the neighbor's land approximately 25 feet from Abby Gail. I calmly and quickly went after Abby only to scream when she started to take after Pepe Le Pew. Fortunately, my scream stopped Abby in her tracks and I was able to grab her before she could think about Pepe Le Pew again. I then chased Gracie back into the house with Abby growling on my arm the whole way back.

I will now be extra vigilant and will let the cats outside only when I can make the time to be out there with them (I usually multi-task keeping an eye on the cats while doing chores). I feel like I am going insane because the cats are stir crazy and I do not want to be out there in the cold rainy weather.