Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On {New} Eyeglasses and Selfies

While shopping for eyeglasses, I got the bright idea of using Dan’s phone (because I accidentally left mine at home) to take pictures of me with the new glasses because I am BLIND as a bat and could not see squat. I needed to decide between two of them.

Number 1.

By th way, Who is that woman?!?!? She seems so serious.

Smile lady, smile!

My first tip would be to smile.

Number 2. Ugh again!

I’m not a fan of this lady!

She takes some horrid selfies.

So, which pair do you think I choose? Which pair do you like the most?

By the way, I think I am referring to me in third person because I am denying she is me! Ha!

Well, back to the subject of selfies … My other tip would to take one with a person, animal or object to get the focus off of yourself. Ha!

At least, the woman smiled this time. She is actually happy and talking to Abby Gail. I really like the hazy effect on the lady. And yes, I am still denying she is me. Ha!

By the way, when I took this picture, Abby Gail got up on me while I was sitting on a chair outdoors which is a rare thing for her to do. I sent it to Dan because I liked it very much.