Friday, December 13, 2013

The Garage Conversion I (Before Pictures)

Way back in October, I posted a before picture of the garage. I did not like the picture as it was over exposed; but, at that time, it was all I had on hand. I have since taken more "before" pictures.

I have decided to post pictures of the garage conversion in stages as to not overwhelm readers. I, myself, prefer short and medium length posts. Long posts can be tiring for an old lady like me. Ha! So, I try to keep them short for others too. Also, by doing it this way, it gives me a break from picking and choosing among the pictures I have taken. I can do them (the pictures) in stages and then post them as I get them done.

Keep in mind that I forgot to take before images of the garage with drywall and the like. But, that is okay. These are pictures with the garage cleaned up and drywall removed.

The following is from the kitchen looking out into the garage, from left to right.