Thursday, October 3, 2013

It Begins! (The Garage Conversion)

I have been very busy and this past Monday, Dan took the day off because some contractors came by to clean out the garage and rip down the drywall. Yes, this means that the garage conversion has begun. Hurray!

Believe you me, the garage was a disaster before this picture was taken. There were piles of debris (broken tiles, trash, ripped up carpet, etc. and etc.) left over from doing the flooring in the house last fall. The contractor guys cleaned out the garage and then ripped out the drywalls for us. We went with this route because we discovered it was cheaper than renting a dumpster and doing the work ourselves.

Anyway, we are left with a blank slate to work with. Dan commented that he can now see what the room will be like in his mind with the crap gone. I will take better pictures and then do a separate post explaining what will happen. We are gearing up to do a few things first before having the contractor guys come back and help finish up the work for us, simply because they do not do the work we want done.

From heron, I will not be as active on facebook because I have so much to do! To be honest, I would rather blog. Avoiding facebook will be hard for me because I can be rather passionate sharing things that matter the most to me whenever I come across news, post(s) and more. And, I do love to see pictures and hear updates on family and friends.

I have to confess that facebook is not what I hoped it to be (a connection point with family and friends). So, I think I will follow my eldest brother’s lead and leave facebook altogether. Just know that my reasons are different from his and my disappearance will be gradual rather than abrupt as it is hard to quit cold turkey! Ha! If anyone messages me, I will be notified via email. So, that will still be a way to communicate with me (besides email, texting and snail mail).

In the meantime, I will be focusing on a few other things besides blogging such as scanning in the rest of the old pictures, slides and more which can be time consuming and such a drag (boring). I plan to speed up the process of putting fabrics onto “bolts”; thus, continuing to unpack the sewing room which is slow going due to my efforts with the fabrics. We are still working (remodel) in the kitchen (pantry) which is almost done. Yes, I will blog about that effort. I have several posts in mind. We are also finishing up painting the exterior of the house as we are doing that in stages due to the heat. The weather should cool down soon (I hope). And, most importantly, the garage conversion is gradually taking place! Woo Hoo!