Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Update on Kitten (Abby Gail)

Remember this awful first picture of the kitten I posted about way back in May?

Well, look at her now!


She is approximately five months old today. She has all her shots and has been spayed. I have not actively sought her new home yet. I had hoped that being spayed would turn her into a somewhat normal kitten. Nope. She is a little holy terror constantly burning up energy.

What?!? I is not a terror. 8/2/2013

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I be cooperative. What lovely fangs I have when you ask me to smile 8/2/2013

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Due to the fact that she bounces off walls (literally), can be destructive if not given the attention she needs to burn off energy, is hardheaded, etc., and etc., she is not an ideal pet for families with small children and/or with animals that may have special needs. She has learned to be gentle and not used claws. However, she can turn on you in a heartbeat if she is frustrated. She is slowly learning to attack her toys instead of her humans. It is not easy trying to train her up in the way she should go. Ha!

Seriously? I not bad... 8/29/2013

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Let the evidence show... 8/29/2013

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I is adorable and amiable! 8/29/2013

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Yes, she is on occasion. She is definitely not a lap kitten. She would rather lay beside you than on you. Sometimes, she comes bounding out of nowhere while I am sitting (taking a break) landing on my chest burying her head into my hair and neck and starts purring and kneading away. I think she does this when she needs calming down desperately. I do have a way of soothing her and once she gets calmer, off she goes! Dan gets amused when she does this while he is there. He has become her buddy when I go to bed – he plays with her too and I think she looks forward to that time.


{To see a larger image, go here.}

Because of all this and more, I am afraid most people will not have the patience and/or understanding of her personality and she will end up getting thrown out or handed over to a shelter or the pound.

She reminds me of City the Kitty so much. He is a Bengal/Manx mix and they believe he was thrown out on account of his personality (high energy and high maintenance). Believe you me, he was a holy terror and even ended up on the My Cat from Hell TV show where the cat doctor (Jackson Galaxy) helped the owners out immensely. City the Kitty’s history both scares and saddens me. I know the same thing could happen to this little one.

We believe she will be a larger than average size cat due to her weight gain tracks higher than average (according to the vet). However, she will always be lanky and lean due to her built.

Dan and I have been researching what she could be due to her unusual marking and coloring and we narrowed it down to one of two things. She is either a Tabby Abby (Abyssinian mx) or one of the serval hybrids (e.g. Savannah) mixed with a tabby.

When we examined her fur up close when she was younger, we could not see any ticking. So, we assumed she was more of something other than a Tabby Abby. However, Dan examined her fur again the other day and noticed that some of her fur does have ticking ending with black on the tips. Because of this, I am thinking she is more of Abby (Abyssinian) Tabby. Her personality does fit the breed to a T and I have read that Abyssinian traits (genes) can be dominant.

By the way, the kitten’s name is now Abby Gail.