Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY (Remodeling): Pantry

I last left off on this post. If you do not know the situation, you should go catch up! We thought it was going to be a short minor remodeling effort; but, it turned into a major effort. Anyway…

The walls were repaired and mudded. We primed the walls. I did not get a picture of that step because it is mighty boring don’t you think?

We began painting. And yes, we painted the ceiling. I have always been outside the box when it comes to pantries and bathrooms. The ceiling color is “Burning Coals” (P200-5) by Behr.

And, the wall color is “Bonfire Nights” (P200-7) by Behr. We used up almost a gallon of paint because it is a dark color and you have to put on more coats than usual to get it the right color. In the end, I am very pleased with the color. Dan was constantly amused every time I walked in there because I would just be so happy. By the way, this color is not true in any of the pictures I took. It is a hard color to capture on pictures.

Shelf supports went up. We decided to go with the stained look to match the craftsman trim above doors and windows. So far, I love this decision.

Shelves went up. Dan made several tiered shelves for me. I was using boxes of quart and gallon freezer bags to create tiers for cans so that they did not disappear and get lost. Our shelves are narrower than the standard size with the exception of the top shelf. I have never liked the standard sized shelving as stuff tends to get buried and forgotten. Plus, when you have a pantry this small, narrower shelves make the space seem larger. We also had another reason for going with narrower shelves in which I will talk about in a future post.

We have since completed putting up the shelves; but, I neglected to take a picture. I will take a picture soon and post it in a future post (which should be the last one about this pantry). Dan is working on another project for the pantry and once that is finished, the remodeling effort will be completed on this pantry.