Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Reason for Blogging Procrastination

Well, I did a very stupid crazy thing last Sunday that will get in the way of blogging. On the way home from general shopping, I saw an old man selling newspapers trying to keep a tiny spitfire of a kitten from crossing the busy traffic without touching the little thing and my heart immediately went out to the little thing. How it managed to get to the median unscathed, I will never know. I immediately jumped out into the traffic as soon as I could safely do so. My poor Dan thought I was going to kill myself in the process. By the time I got to the kitten, it was already in one lane and disappeared under a car. The person rolled the car forward and I grabbed the kitten and quickly crossed traffic again. Dan had parked at a nearby restaurant and I happily got into the truck.

First Picture, Day of rescue, 5/26/2013

{shot with Dan's iPhone and posted on facebook}

The poor thing is very young. We weighed it upon arriving home and it was 14.2 ounces and based upon size and other factors, we determined it was between 4 and 5 weeks old. I placed her in the second bathroom’s bathtub for the remainder of that day and overnight. The next morning, I cleared out the bathroom and then took everything out of the bathtub including the kitten so that it would have more room to explore and play.

We took her to an animal hospital that was open (it was a holiday here in the states). We knew it was good place to take her because that is where Gracie’s problems were quickly determined when our own vet could not figure her out.

Anyway, we had her tested for everything under the sun. All tests came back negative. Praise God! They determined that she is more 4 weeks old than 5; but, is healthy. Now, she will remain quarantined for two weeks until a follow up checkup. I am hoping to get her vaccinations started at the same time. It will all depend on her size by then. And, when she reaches two pounds, we plan on getting her spayed and her a new home.

Two days after rescue; 5/28/2013

To see a larger image, go here.

She is adjusting extremely well. I honestly think she might make someone a great traveling companion because she calmly laid on a towel (I had burrito wrapped her). She got her front paws free and played with my hair eventually falling asleep on the way home. Most cats and kittens hate being in a vehicle; but, this one took to traveling like a champ.

Anyway, I have my hands full with Gracie and I honestly do not think I can handle having another cat in the house. We already have elderly Chessie (will be 16 years old on June 26th) along with Gracie (who will approximately 5 years old this fall). The kitten will currently remain nameless as I do not want to name her for fear of getting attached. Yes, I know, silly of me.

So, there you have it; our newest adventure on top of all the things we are currently dealing with. Ha! But, I think it is all worth it because she is such a sweet brave little thing.