Monday, December 2, 2013

Macro Monday {Daring Spider}

I was sitting outside watching my cats explore when I noticed movement in a lantern style bird feeder. Upon a closer look, I discovered a unusual looking Daring Spider trapped inside. Most daring spiders around here are solid black with white markings on its abdomen. The challenge with snapping pictures of this critter is getting a decent shot through dirty glass.

Daring (or Jumping) Spider

{To see a larger image, go here.}

I was very surprised to see one picture turn out decently. I am pleased with this shot. I first thought that he was bald; but, the more I went through the pictures I took, the more I believe it is his actual coloring as the orange is hair too.

After I was finished with snapping pictures, I carefully opened the feeder and let him out onto a bird feeder platform that is usually located below the two or three feeders I have hanging out there. I watched him to make sure he could climb the edge of the platform as it has a smooth slippery edge (like glass). He could not climb out; so, I tipped the edge of the platform and he paused for a few seconds on top of the edge as if saying "thank you" before taking off in the grass. And, that was my adventure for this particular day.